Youth Level Active Rest Period Macrocycle 1 & 2

Youth Level ctive Rest Period Macrocycle 1 & 2

This is a 1-2 week period of rest(with light activity) and recovery for the athletes. An active lifestyle should prevail, incorporating ingredients such as flexibility and endurance. Pick one of the exercises below and complete 1-2x a week for 20-30 minutes at low to moderate intensity. Complete after every level (foundational, functional, pre-season).

Beginner Reverse Warrior

1. Bring the legs wide apart, bringing the right toes forward and the left toes at a 45-degree angle.
2. Bend the right knee bringing the knee to a 90-degree angle. Keep the back leg straight, reach the left arm down and the right arm up, look up.


1. Start by placing feet on foot plates and grabbing rowing bar.
2. Explode with your legs and pull with your arms to an extended position.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat according to the program. Try to keep your back somewhat straight throughout movement and just use your legs and arm.