Strength Training and Conditioning – Baseball

..players need to possess a variety of fitness capabilities to be successful. Cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, agility, power and strength are all desirable traits that can be developed with regular training. Strength training for badminton should be as sports specific as possible, and your program should reflect the demands of your sport while still leaving sufficient time and energy for playing practice .

BASEBALL Specific Strength and Conditioning Workout for Athletes | Training & Exercises|

Try these progressions and build your way up to the full workouts.

Here are specific workouts. For each workout I’ve included a couple ideas on modifications. Start with what you’re able to do and make a plan to work your way up to this level – it won’t happen overnight but it won’t happen at all if you never begin!

A baseball training program should incorporate a strength training component. Strength is crucial for baseball success. The two primary reasons for this are to develop explosive power and to protect against injury -especially arm injuries-

Many players neglect to develop explosive power. The reasons for this are varied. Some don’t know how. Some have tried lifting weights, and become injured (doing the wrong kind of baseball weight training). Some don’t think it’s important .

In baseball training, little things add up to make a huge difference. If you add even a small increase in your power, your game will improve in all areas.

Here are some general guidelines for baseball training :

Use a variety of weight training methods such as free weights, body weight, medicine ball, kettlebells and surgical tubing exercises.
Avoid pressing movements with heavy weights (risky for the shoulder).
Train your lower body with heavier weights.
Train your upper body with lighter weights.
Never forget to train the core of the body (hips, buttocks, lower back).
You must take special care to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles using light (3-5 lb) weights.

High Performance

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Active Rest Period

Youth Performance

Youth LevelActive Rest Period

Youth Level – In-Season

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Youth Level – Functional training